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Lux Ferous Press
Journal of Heretical Philosophy
Issue I: God Is

Libraries have been razed and heads have been removed for the crime of heresy. Established power has long attempted to extinguish any semblance of thoughtcrime that poses a threat to its dominance, often with superficial success. As heresies are driven underground, they subversively, sooner or later, slither their way back into mainstream thought in parcels until the orthodoxy is finally rendered impotent.

At Lux Ferous Press, we thrive on heresy, and it is our life's work to share it with all the world, no matter the risk. Future issues will touch on topics that infuriate the domains of established political, scientific, moral, and philosophical thought, among other sacred cows. But issue one is dedicated to our favorite orthodoxy to upset: the religious. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, or what have you -- if you've written something to raise the ire of your parent culture, we want to read your work.

Submissions for the premier issue are to center around the question of what God is; who God is; why God is; or if God is, from any genuinely heterodox religious path or philosophical school. Heretics and scholars - established and aspiring - of all traditions are invited to submit. Research papers and creative non-fiction preferred, but other forms will be considered on merit.

Please submit an abstract of roughly 300 words by April 30, 2020

If we are interested, we will request the full paper for review

Do not submit complete papers unless requested

Length between 2000 and 5000 words
Proper citation
Valid/sound argumentation

No statements of belief will be considered without thorough defense

All inquiries and submissions via email

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