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April 17, 2022

Order of the Skeleton Key - 2022 Edition

Containing Kosmology and Lanterns of Wisdom From the Firmament in their entirety, along with a new tract entitled Ritus.

Published by Aeon Sophia Press in two formats:

– Standard Edition, dark grey linen bound hardcover, with silver lettering printed to the spine and a silver foil sigil printed to the front cover.

– Deluxe Edition, dark blue leather bound, silver foil decorations printed to the front cover and silver foil lettering printed to the spine. Limited edition.


April 1, 2020

Sermons to the Serpent's Servants preorder phase: April 1 - April 5

Order the Lux Ferous Press leatherette softcover here.

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February 25, 2020


Lux Ferous Press in collaboration with Aeon Sophia Press presents:

Sermons to the Serpent's Servants Vol. I: Mesocosm
Philosophical Implications of Luciferian Gnosis
by Jeremy Christner

Vol. I: Mesocosm is a deep dive into theory, simultaneously an analytic look at the problems of philosophy from the vantage of a Luciferian Gnostic, and a meditation on the implications of Luciferian Gnosis from a philosopher's perspective. The threaded essays contained in this book cover various insights including the question of the existence and nature of God; the quality of Lucifer; epistemology in Gnosticism; Gnosticism as an Existentialist cosmology; the redundancy of Jesus Christ; the value of negativity in the arts and of blasphemy in practice; the definition of the self and the scope of one's sphere of influence as a measure of existence; and more.

Sermons to the Serpent's Servants Vol. I: Mesocosm is a mature evolution of the narrative woven by Jeremy Christner in his previous works, Kosmology and Lanterns of Wisdom From the Firmament. The author reveals his ideas and insights from a more contemplative perspective, employing a pragmatic approach and taking you on his personal journey of discovering and re-evaluating his own views on religion, ethics, Gnosticism and Luciferian-Satanism, and some of the more commonly pondered philosophical questions.

A worthy addition to the library of the Gnostic, the Luciferian, the philosopher, or the curious collector of ideas.

From Aeon Sophia Press:
Linen bound hardcover
Deluxe brown leather hardcover

From Lux Ferous Press:

April 2020


January 14, 2020

A new dawn looms, and a new Christnerian work of Luciferian Gnostic philosophy nears completion. Announcement and details forthcoming.

February 14, 2019

A new publication in the works:

After a long hiatus, Jeremy Christner has at last begun work on a new collection of philosophical tracts: an analytical follow-up to his previously published work.

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